Cookie Wreck - Teen

Cookie Wreck - Teen

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COOKIE WRECK, also called Cookie Train-wreck, is a hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Train-wreck bred by CannaVenture Seeds. 


SEX:  1 Female Teen Plant

TYPE:  Hybrid - 50% Indica - 50% Sativa

FLOWERING: 60 - 70 Days

GENETICS: Cookie Wreck CV Cut x Cookie Wreck CV Cut. Cookie Wreck Fem is a Cookie Wreck CV Cut x Cookie Wreck CV Cut.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Helps ease anxiety, nausea, chronic pain, insomnia.

Cookie Wreck is a solid producer with abundant yields of high quality flowers.


Cookie Wreck is a solid producer, yet a bit difficult to grow for a beginner. Sensitive to temperature fluctuations, nutrients and is susceptible to mites.

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