Grand Daddy Purple - Teen

Grand Daddy Purple - Teen

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Grand Daddy Purple is a full blooded indica that was bred in Humboldt County, CA  in the mid 90’s. This is a very potent Purple Indica cross with a reputation of being one of the most enjoyable strains to enjoy.


SEX: 5 Feminized Seeds

TYPE:  Hybrid - 70% Indica - 30% Sativa


GENETICS: Big Bud X Purple Urkle

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Daytime high–relaxing but not sedating/ cerebral Sativa effect with indica guided body high.

Helps ease insomnia, chronic pain, Nausea

Grand Daddy Purple is a very potent and very physical strain, I.E. Couch Lock. She is a deeply relaxing and in my opinion a “spiritual strain”.


Grand Daddy Purple loves full sun - warm daytime temperatures 70-80 F and cool evenings between 60-70 F will help bring out the beautiful shades of purple and a deeper resin that this plant is known for.

She develops very well both indoors, outdoors.

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